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Lowest Price Guarantee

We keep up - guaranteed! Benefit from our low price guarantee.

If you find one or more items bought from us on a website or in a retail store in Europe at a cheaper price than ours, we will match the price of the competition: we guarantee you always the lowest price and refund the Difference to the price of the competition.

I. Procedure

To claim the low price guarantee, please contact by email stating your customer number, order number and item number of the item(s) for which you wish to claim the low price guarantee. In doing so, you must enclose appropriate evidence that sufficiently substantiates the price, availability and characteristics of the competitor's offer. This can be done, for example, by sending a link to the relevant competitor's offer or photos of a brochure or offer in a retail shop.

After checking the facts, we refund the consumer immediately for each successfully used Lowest Price Guarantee the difference between the purchase price paid with us including all incidental costs (especially the shipping costs) and the purchase price including all incidental costs (especially the shipping costs) of the competition. The refund will be in the form of a credit to the consumer's account. A cash payment of the refund amount is excluded.

II. Conditions of Claiming the Low Price Guarantee

To claim the Low Price Guarantee, the following conditions apply:

1. The low price guarantee is only granted to consumers. A consumer is any natural person who concludes a legal transaction for a purpose that can not be attributed to their commercial or independent professional activity. In particular, commercial resellers are excluded from using the low price guarantee.

2. The Low Price Guarantee grants the consumer the opportunity, upon request and in accordance with the following provisions, to reimburse the difference in the purchase price, including all incidental costs of the item purchased from us, at a lower purchase price including all ancillary costs in the context of a competing offer.

3. The competing offer must refer to a website operated according to the respective provider identification (imprint) from Europe or to a shop located in Europe, must come from a commercial supplier and must be available on the day and at the advertised price at the time of claiming the low price guarantee.

4. Not included in the Low Price Guarantee are such competing offers that include rejects, exhibits, returns or showcases, faulty or defective items, and offers due to eviction, bankruptcy and sell-outs.

5. The competitive price must include all additional costs such as shipping costs. For the comparison calculation of the shipping costs the standard shipping for the respective article is used.

6. Competitive prices are only those prices at which every consumer can take advantage of the competitive offer and not only members of certain professional groups, companies, associations, clubs or similar institutions, customer or discount programmes. When determining the competitive price, individual discounts or advantages are excluded. This applies in particular to personalised vouchers and rebates or premium awards within the framework of customer loyalty programmes (e.g. use of customer cards or bonus programmes). Volume discounts and discount campaigns granted by the article manufacturer for the competitor's offer (e.g. cashback programs) are also disregarded.

7. The competing item must be new, unused, in its original packaging and undamaged.

8. The low price guarantee is only granted within the framework of normal household order quantities.

9. The low price guarantee can only be claimed once per ordered item.

10. The low price guarantee cannot be combined with other discounts.

11. The low price guarantee can only be claimed within a period of 30 days from the conclusion of the purchase agreement for the item purchased from us. For the start of the period is as an event the access of the email authoritative, which confirms the consumer's acceptance of its purchase offer. To meet the deadline, the receipt of the email to claim the low price guarantee with us is sufficient. The provision of § 193 BGB does not apply to the calculation of the deadline.

12. The exercise of the Low Price Guarantee shall in no way affect an existing statutory right of withdrawal or the statutory rights of the consumer to remedy defects. If the consumer cancels his order in respect of one or more items for which he has made use of the low price guarantee, the following shall apply:

a) The consumer will be refunded the full purchase price for the item (s) withdrawn.

b) The claim to the granting of a credit within the framework of the low price guarantee expires as a result of the declared revocation. An already granted credit will be reversed.

c) Consumers undertake to make use of the Low Price Guarantee to immediately refund a credit note amount received under the Low Price Guarantee for an item whose purchase is revoked, provided that the credit note has already been offset against further orders or other claims on our part.

13. The provisions of clause 13 shall apply mutatis mutandis in the event that the consumer effectively withdraws from the purchase contract for an article for which he has made use of the low price guarantee due to his statutory rights of defect.

14. We reserve the right, if necessary, to exclude individual articles from the Low Price Guarantee. If this is the case, the consumer is informed of this fact by an explicit reference to the respective article. Furthermore, the offer of the low price guarantee can be terminated by us at any time. The consumer will be informed about this by us. Of course, articles ordered before the receipt of the notice of termination of the low price guarantee are still covered by the guarantee promise.